September 2015




XE 4G is not only styled to look executive but also work like one.

Classy 4.5 inch metal liquid design and supported by 5.5 mm thick frames

Today it is all about 4G, XE 4G gets you to speed up to 150 Mbps

With our hardware supporting up to unbelievable speed, it means you can now do seamless HD movie streaming, online gaming, surfing and more.

Plus with dual SIM and dual standby it is even more for voice and data.

XE 4G brings the "Ultra Slim design"

Classy 4.5 inch metal liquid design and supported by 5.5 mm thick frames. It has reinforced frame for durability. This has been achieved after year long of research and superficially carved by precision machinery that gives the phone a robust and unmatchable finishing quality.

The design is not just slim it is Ultra Light weight too. XE 4G weighs just 112 grams. This 4.5 inch action packed smart phone will look, feel and work amazingly on your hands.

When you hold this the first thing you notice is it's light weight. It's curved back design will not just suit your executive styling but also feel so ergonomic, you won't let it out of your hands.


The REX PRO is considered to be the design for smart people who are really fond of using smartphones. It consists of the metal unibody with polycarbonate based back cover. High quality aluminium alloy powder is mixed with a Japanese musashi paint to give a unique finishing providing the strong signal and eliminating the signal loss for continuous use.

Rex pro is more than just a smart phone as it can store multiple pictures, songs, videos etc and you are free to carry it anywhere you go.

With its 2200mAH battery on REX PRO, divergent offers the latest power saving mode which forces the phone to last longer with the steadily discharge features. The guaranteed call time for the phone is 30 hrs and 505 is the standby time. 

REX PRO is equipped with 13 MP Sony main camera on the rear end and 8 MP front camera.

The use of latest android version is one of the major specification of REX PRO. The divergent operating system helps to reduce the total amount of memory used by the system. It clears and frees up the unwanted memory occupied by the applications and resources. Hence, with these features along with the special power saving technology, it reduces the power consumption and helps the battery to last for a longer period.